Supporting Heavy Music With Custom Web Design – Free of Charge

Welcome to Metalmancer Web Design. We are a team of passionate designers and musicians who have been playing music for most of our lives. Through the years, we’ve played shows, toured, recorded songs, sold merch, and met some amazing people along the way.

One thing we noticed on the road, was that the headliners always had a sleek, dedicated, and professional-looking website, while the opening bands either had no website at all, or like many of us, had just a small page on Bandcamp. So we started looking into creating our own websites.

This took a lot more time and effort than we anticipated, and thus began a years’ long journey into mastering our new craft.  Before long, not only did we create an online hub for our bands, but we also found a new passion – Web Design.


As musicians ourselves, we understand that most artists don’t have hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars on hand to spend on a website. That’s why the website free of charge specifically for musicians that host their website on our servers. Unlike other agencies, or even site-builders like WordPress or Shopify, we cover 100% of the costs associated with running your website. And best of all, we build it for you!

After you sign up, we take care of EVERYTHING so you can get back to work on your band. Then, usually within just a few days, your site will be up and running!